The Impact of the Affordable Care Act on Healthcare Collections

An overview of the Affordable Care Act's major components, implementation schedule, and the impact of healthcare reform on the collection market. <download>

Collection Forecasting

It was always frustrating to have a sales person walk in and say: “Client X is not happy with how much we collected”. I would respond: “OK, how much would make them happy?” And of course the sales person would say: “I don’t know”.

As we all know the way to satisfy a client is meeting or exceeding their expectations. So there were at least three issues that had to be dealt with:

  • We weren’t developing the client’s expectations about how much could be recovered.

  • We didn’t know what to expect in collections.

  • If we didn’t know what to expect, how could we staff or set goals properly?

This tool will help you forecast collections and fees for current or prospective clients based upon prior or anticipated listings.  Use it for goal setting or prospective client revenue analysis. <download>

Collector Productivity Reporting   

Many times, when asking a manager or supervisor about improving collector performance, I heard: “they aren’t a good fit”, or “there aren’t enough hours in the day….”. Yet there was not a great deal of information supporting whether management was actually spending much time coaching collectors and analyzing their performance.

Some of the challenges with developing collectors are having enough time to identify areas of opportunity and being able to give them consistent feedback about their performance. This tool helps you accomplish this by tracking key performance metrics, providing both management and collectors with insight into where the opportunities for improvement are. Use this tool to assign and analyze productivity metrics for collectors and collection teams. <download>

Reading & Understanding Collection Agency Reports

Effectively managing the agencies employed by your organization is an important contributor to the overall success of your revenue cycle or recovery department operations. An important component of managing your agencies is taking advantage of performance reporting available to you. Learn how to read and use agency reports to maximize return and avoid being misled by tricks some agencies use. <download>