Premium Client Care from Premium Employees

The number of clients is the most important issue of a company. Excellent client care and service is paramount. Businesses are spending a lot on budgets and efforts to optimize their products, make their websites more user-friendly, come up with original and powerful marketing strategies and so much more.

All of these activities are dedicated to one purpose: finding and keeping prospective clients. However, why is that when we think of the client care team, the image we see first is a dark room packed with unhappy employees?

Companies have bestowed their client service agents with upsell bonuses, a coarse sense of competition between their colleagues, and hoped for the best. However, no matter how victorious an agent is in his office, the bitter tone of his voice will always be noticed by the clients despite his polite words.

Recent studies show that clients abandon their favorite brands because they lack quality client service. So it’s high time the client care team was properly taking care of and here are the 5 best ways to do that.

1.     Real bonuses instead of promises

Usually, the sales and client care teams are underpaid. But, what drives them towards daily productivity is the promise of a bigger paycheck at the end of the month based on their performance. The client care team will either drive clients away with their upsell pitch or would just become content with their minimum salary.

The truth is that what you pay for is exactly what you get. The underpaid status of one of your most important teams in your company will get you nowhere. Plus, the competition nourished by bonuses will drive your team apart. Without cooperation between colleagues, a strong team cannot survive.

The wrong culture of bonuses should be replaced with a satisfying, stable, and motivational salary. A company cannot prevent the stress induced by the angry client to its client care agents, but the company can sooth the side effects of stress with the feeling of security that is nourished by financial compensations. And a happy employee makes the clients happy.

2.     Provide constant client care training

Businesses should invest more resources in training their teams, especially the client care team. The truth is that with the advent of the Internet, we are going through a shift in the past 20 years that hasn’t been quite defined yet. The Amazon client care team thrives as the best such team ever thanks to their unconventional yet friendly approach to their clients, while the success of other teams is based on speed and short conversations.

Your employees need to stay updated with the latest trends in their field. Their dense work schedules don’t allow them to read or take online courses that regard their field. The 24 hours per day support that is promised to the clients to quickly solve their issues hinders the employees for any spare moments to carry some research on their own.

So, manage the time of your team in such way that they can go through a monthly training hour. This will freshen up their approach and inspire them quality values when they take a client ticket.

3.     Daily meetings

Perhaps any client care team has daily meetings before starting their working day. However, most of the issues that are tackled during these meetings are problems. The positive interactions with clients are drastically neglected.

However, the everyday problems are not the things that keep the productivity of a team at high levels. It is the happy events that make a job worth having. Choosing to become a client care agent requires good soft skills like empathy and communication to talk yourself into the heart of the client. So, encourage the employees to share their good experiences and make meetings fun again. This will inspire them to be of greater help during their next interaction with a client, and they will truly see how important and valuable their job is.

4.     Organize more team buildings

Again, it cannot be stressed enough the importance of a smooth collaboration for the health of a team. And team buildings are just the tools you need to create the ideal client service and client care team. A team building builds a stronger manager-employee relationship based on trust and encourages communication which leads to better collaborations.

Make sure that you take the team events outside the workspace. Let them know that your company doesn’t value only the work life, but the quality of the personal life of employees also. The client care agents will return to their offices more eager to provide a premium client services than before.

5.     Invest in a powerful CRM platform

The client care team needs a Client Relationship Management Software. Such a complex digital web offers an impactful insight in a client’s profile that can be turned into upselling by the client care team.

Choose a CRM that has as its main feature a complete overview of the background of any client. If a client service agent can have important information at hand when he tackles a client conversation, such as previous conversations with other colleagues, purchase history, and even social media main details, he will have a clear image of the client in front of him.

This way, the employees will automate their client management, they will work more efficiently, and they will interact in a more personalized and empathetic way with each of the client.

All in all, an intuitive management of the client care team is the only way to create premium client services. No matter how skillful your employees are, without clear directives, they will get lost along their journey to success.

By Amanda Wilks