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Chris has been in the collection industry since 1983. Throughout his career, Chris has concentrated on enhancing company operations by emphasizing quality, finding inventive ways to solve problems, workflow and process improvement, and technology implementation.

Chris' focus is doing the job right, learning new things, and bringing improved performance to those he works with.

He believes the keys to success are found in well-trained and well-led personnel leveraged by the right technology and expertly designed processes.


During his 32+ years in the collection industry, Chris has served as Vice President of Operations, Chief Operating Officer, and Chief Executive Officer for a large healthcare collection company.

Having served in various roles, Chris understands the intricacies of the key positions in a collection operation and the requirements to successfully and profitably collect debt. He recognizes how the interdependence of various functions within the organization impact performance and results.

Chris created and monitored strategies that ensured long term growth and profitability. He developed executive and departmental leadership, and implemented productivity/quality metrics and incentive programs that minimized costs, encouraged performance, and rewarded productivity. Chris improved quality by researching and implementing best practices, and designed and deployed technology and processes that increased collections and maximized work force utilization. As shown below by some examples of his work, Chris is a hands-on professional and has a deep understanding of the core functions of a successful collection operation.

  • Implemented ACA International’s Professional Practice Management System, the ISO 27001 security certification, and the supporting management software leading to minimized legal and regulatory risk, increased data security, and improved quality throughout the organization.

  • Led design and deployment of management and collector training programs that improved staff skills and quality of work, increased collections, minimized compliance risk, and decreased turnover.

  • Established rigorous quality assurance methods that reinforced quality of work expectations, lowered client complaints, and minimized compliance risk.

  • Designed advanced work flow processes that simplified client on-boarding, eliminated errors, and increased work standard compliance.

  • Led development of analytics-based account segmentation strategies that lowered costs and increased collections.

  • Designed advanced collection productivity reporting tools that provided management and staff with key metrics for improving quality and quantity of work, and increasing collections.

  • Selected and led deployment of communication platforms for inbound, outbound, and automated contact and implemented management methods that increased inventory penetration, decreased costs, and improved collections.

  • Selected and led implementation of enterprise collection systems.

  • It has truly been a pleasure working with Chris who is clearly driven by his passion for our industry and his entrepreneurial spirit. In my opinion, there isn't a company in our industry that wouldn't benefit from his services.
    — Pam Kirchner - Chief Executive Officer, BCA Financial Services
  • His depth of knowledge is astounding, as he seems to be fully conversant in everything about healthcare receivables management and business in general.
    — Chris Becraft - President, RevSolve, Inc.
  • His knowledge, experience, approach to analyzing root cause, and his ability to design the perfect solution for any given situation makes Chris an excellent choice to improve how your business runs.
    — Jim Struck - President, Leadership Vision