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Peak Revenue Group will help your organization build and strengthen the habit of excellence.

Employee Education and Compliance Training

Leverage your investment in training and compliance with KnowledgeSOURCE, an innovative cloud-based training application, preparing your company to compete and succeed in an environment of heightened expectations.

  • We are what we repeatededly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit.
    — Aristotle
  • KnowledgeSOURCE is a powerful one-stop-shop, and a vital asset to anybody looking to maximize effectiveness in combining agency education, compliance, and day-to-day overall communication.
    — Jeremy Felder - Chief Compliance Officer, Chase Receivables
  • Our collectors have reached a much higher level of mastery on the basic material we have presented to them in the past and we've also been able to expand their knowledge base considerably.
    — Brent D. Rollins - President, Receivable Solutions, Inc.
  • I am pleased to say that this is the second company I have implemented the Peak Revenue Learning methodology. I highly recommend it to any collection agency that wants to insure compliance with today's regulations.
    — Frank M. Souto - Executive Director, MedConn Collection Agency
  • KnowledgeSOURCE has not only increased the mastery of compliance and policy information among our staff members, it has created an awareness and focus that wasn’t evident previously.
    — Niel Welborn - Vice President, Todd, Bremer & Lawson
  • Advanced Recovery Systems has had the opportunity to use KnowledgeSOURCE for three years now. I am happy to say it has made a tremendous improvement in our training and compliance over that time.
    — Dick Williams - Director of Compliance and Development, ARS Collections
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